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Qual Active Sport LLC is based in Hattula, Finland. Our goal is to offer high quality products for outdoor-minded people.

Some of our products are made in-house, some are sourced from other manufacturers. Examples of our own production are the ski jump suit and underwear.


Qual was established on the year 1998, when Timo Huikari and Tuomo Joutvuo combined their strong know how from the industry of sport and textile. The operation of Qual trademark begun by develoging alpine suits for alpine skier and domestic material for those alpine suits.

On the spring 2002 we noticed that domestic ski jumping suit would have demand. Our group had a new member Nina Virtanen, who is specialised on creative pattern drawing and Research and Development (R and D) of the product started quickly. At the time R and D had an significant input from our test jumper Arttu Lappi, Toni Nieminen and Jaakko Tallus.

R and D brought results and breakthrough was experienced on the summer grand prix 2003 in Italy Predazzo. Akseli Kokkonen won unbeatably with Qual ski jumping suit and aroused ski jumper’s interest internationally to a new ski jumping suit. On the season 2003/04 couple of hundreds jumpers used Qual suit from nine different country, including both finnish ski jumpers and nordic combined a-teams.

R and D of the ski jumping suit showed us the importance of other textile products in the sport. Qual product family has also gloves and undersuits. Undersuit, which is designed to support the activity of the jumping suit, has been very popular and sold product.

The season 2004/05 has started at least promisingly. New material, which is developed together with Eschler, brings to Qual suit the strength and constant quality of air permability, which it needs. One model example of the Qual success is Janne Ahonen, who has jumped from one victory to another.