Ski jumping suit

The ski jumping suit for ski jumping and nordic combined is a result of a several year development. The Qual team develops the product round the clock so that the athletes could have the best ski jumping suit available.

For guaranteeing the quality Qual ski jumping suits are always custom made per order. The material is in accordance with the rules of the FIS. Colour changes with every season.

Price for custom made suit:  306,45 €/suit + tax + shipping.

Price for standard size suit:  Ask for price!
Air permeability can change up or down! (165, 170, 175 and 180 cm)


Junior ski jumping suit

The junior ski jumping suit is by quality and appearance equally same as the Qual ski jumping suit, but for friendly ”junior” price. Junior ski jumping suits are available at the size 130 cm, 140 cm and 150 cm  and they are made from the same fabric as the adult’s suit, which are accordance with the rules of the FIS. Colour changes with every season.

Price for 130 cm, 140 cm and 150 cm suits:

Ask for price!



The Qual undersuit is designed to improve the activity of the ski jumping suit. The material of the undersuit is slippery, supple and light. Qual undersuit collection is one-size and it contains a shirt, boxer-shorts and long-shorts. The colour of the undersuit is white.

Shirt:            Ask for price!
Short pants: Ask for price!
Long pants: Ask for price!


Jumpsuit bag

The Qual mothproof bag is designed to protect the features of the ski jumping suit during transportation and prevent the suits straining during transport when the suit are folded. The right size, practicalnes and dirt-repellent surface of the mothproof bag quarantines that the suit won’t suffer during the transportation.

Price (inc. Finnish tax 24% + shipping): 33,21 euros